Dear Edith

My son’s wedding will be held in another city. I am also planning a reception in our home city for those that can not attend the wedding; the reception will be held on a Sunday afternoon.

Question: Are there any books or information available I can use as a guide detailing a short ceremony?


Yes, my book ought to help you some. Usually the reception is just that without any ceremony. Instead you could display wedding photographs or video, have a guest book handy, serve a wedding cake and include music and flowers. The bride and groom could wear their wedding outfits if they wish. Formal invitations may be sent and there are samples in my book. I hope this helps.


Additional Answer

My earlier answer of course applies only if you are having the reception AFTER the wedding has taken place. However, people also have a reception for the couple prior to the wedding to introduce the new bride to your friends.

Here refreshments are served and music may be played, and it can be a lovely affair.