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  • How soon before your wedding should you hire a photographer?
      In most cases you should start looking for a photographer almost as soon as you book your reception hall. Keep in mind most of the better photographers are taken a year or more in advance.
  • What is the advantage of hiring a professional?
      A professional takes photographs for a living. As a professional, you can be assured of receiving the highest quality in service and photographs. A professional photographer uses the best equipment and labs to assure your satisfaction.
  • Where do I start my search?
      There are many sources to check out when looking. Watch for bridal shows or events in your local area. Regional bridal magazines feature the best in the business. Of course, yellow page listings are a good place to start.But the best is to ask a friend or relative about a recent wedding they have been to or photographer they have used.
  • What questions should I be asking?
    After you have established that your date is available, be sure to ask these questions:

        How long they have been in business?
        Who will be photographing my wedding?
        What kind of packages and pricing are they offering?
        How soon after my wedding will my photos be ready?
        How much time will you be spending at my wedding?
      What style of photography do they use?

    It’s best to write a list of questions and concerns before you begin your search. Or, you can print this list out and bring it with you.

  • Are my wedding photos available online?
      Many photographers have website that allow you to view your complete wedding online .These should be password protected and also allow friends and relatives to view and purchase photos from the site safely.
  • Do you feel comfortable with this photographer?
      It is important that after speaking to the photographer that you feel confident in their ability to work with individuals and groups. A professional photographer can make the day go smoothly and help even in a crisis.
  • What about price?
      Prices can start from $600 up into the thousands!! Everything depends on what services you require, and the finished products you will receive. If you want good photographs and albums, then be prepared to spend more. Album quality and picture quality are relevant. Research shows that good photographs runs between 10-15% or the wedding budget. Most couples underestimate the cost of a good photographer by as much as 40-50%. Also remember, the photographs are only a portion of the services you receive from a professional photographer.

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