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This video is excellent if you are unclear of where to start in selecting and ordering your wedding flowers. From choosing a florist, your flower budget, the type of bouquet, your style, and what your bridesmaid might carry, this video will guide you.

The flower planning guide below is a full list of what you might need for your wedding. Be sure to print it out, or simply copy and paste into a blank document.

Wedding flowers by season and flower colors


Bouquets Flower & Design Ideas Qty Cost
Maid/Matron of Honor
Flower Girls
Toss Bouquet
Corsages Flower & Design Ideas Qty Cost
Mother of Bride
Mother of Groom
Female Readers/Speakers
Boutonnieres Flower & Design Ideas Qty Cost
Best Man
Father of Bride
Father of Groom
Ring Bearer
Male Readers/Speakers
Ceremony Flower & Design Ideas Qty Cost
Main Entrance
Aisle Runner
Reception Flower & Design Ideas Qty Cost
Guest Tables
Head Table
Gift Table
Staircase Railing
Buffet Tables
Cake Table
Cake Top
Place Card Table
Bar Centerpiece
Miscellaneous Flower & Design Ideas Qty Cost
Women’s Hair
Rehearsal Dinner
Post-Wedding Brunch
Special Guests
Total estimated cost for wedding flowers: ____________________

Now what would a wedding be without flowers. No soft silhouettes of color beautifully arranged in every corner. No floral melody to enhance an enchanting mood. A wedding would just not be the same. Flowers are an essential part of a wedding, but how do you know what flowers are appropriate and what they represent?

Find lots more flower information here at the flower expert, an online flower encyclopedia.



Wedding Flower Planner


All Year Sentiment Colors Comment
Baby’s Breath white delicate
Bachelor’s Button hope white/pink/red/blue
Calla lilies magnificence, beauty many very dramatic
Carnation love many fragrant
Cornflower blue
Gardenia joy white fragrant
Gladiolus many
Lily-of-the-Valley happiness white/pink expensive
Orchid beauty pink/white/purple
Rose I love you many fragrant
Stephanotis white delicate
Spring Sentiment Colors Comment
Anemone many/bright poppy like
Apple Blossom preference white
Calla Lily purity white elegant
Daffodil yellow
Forsythia yellow
Geranium red/pink
Hyacinth constancy purple/pink/white
Iris good health many
Jonquil affection shared pale yellow
Lilac new love violet/white fragrant
Larkspur blue
Magnolia love of nature white
Narcissus white
Orange Blossom happiness white
Tulip many
Violet faithfulness purple
Summer Sentiment Colors Comment
Aster white/pink/rose
Calla Lily purity white elegant
Daisy share your feelings white/yellow
Hydrangea purple
Forget-Me-Not remembrance blue delicate
Iris good health many
Peony pink/magenta/white
Sweet Pea meeting many/bright
Zinnia red/orange/pink
Fall Sentiment Colors Comment
Aster white/pink/rose
Chrysanthemum gold/red/white
Dahlia many
Marigold sacred affection gold/red
Zinnia red/orange/pink
Dried Flowers
Winter Sentiment Colors Comment
Calla Lily purity white elegant
Camellia gratitude pink/white
Forget-Me-Not remembrance blue
Holly green/red berries
Ivy fidelity green
Orchid beauty pink/purple/white
Poinsettia red/white
Tulip many