Lois Pearce provided these tips for a Venezuelan wedding.

Consider that 67% of the population is of Mestizo culture, the remaining being Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, African and Amerindian. The cultural background is mixed European, African and Indian Ancestry.

A good way to incorporate ethnicity in a subtle way, is through your foods. Your caterer could serve hor d’oeuvres which are of any of the above ethnic cultures.

The Venezuelan culture is very colorful and festive, and this could be reflected in your decorations.

Most Latin American brides wear Western-style wedding apparel (i.e. major American designers). However, the ring bearer and flower girl wear clothing similar to the bride and groom in design.

Thirteen coins are exchanged (you could use gold foiled chocolate coins as facsimiles). They symbolize the bride’s dowry if presented by the bride’s father. They may also be presented instead by the groom to show his willingness to support the bride. The coins are called “aras”. They are a symbol of future good fortune and prosperity.