Dear Edith

What is the groom’s family responsibility once the engagement is announced? For instance, does his family have an engagement party, or invite the bride’s family over even though the groom’s family knows the bride’s family, or is there anything else the groom’s family is supposed to do?

I’m not interested in the expenses of the wedding itself because I have the answers for that already, but I cannot find anywhere the protocol for the groom’s family once the engagement is announced. Thank you.


Once the engagement is announced, the groom’s parents ought to invite the bride’s parents and discussion may begin regarding the general details of the wedding plans ex: the date-when is it convenient for all? etc..

Either set of parents may wish to give an engagement party that could be casual or formal to meet, greet and toast the blending of the two families. There really are no hard and fast rules other than this. I hope it helps.