Dear Edith

I will attend to a wedding celemony in San Diego. But I am a Japanese. I don’t know anything about American style for wedding.

For example, dresses or presents. In Japan, we bring some money for a new couple. Do you do the same? Thank you.


In America, many brides “register” for gifts at a store. You may ask “where are you registered? Then you go to the store, or telephone and choose a gift to suit your budget. People, mostly family, may also give money but they don’t bring it to the ceremony, but mail a check to the bride or groom before the wedding.

What to wear? That depends on the place, time of year etc. and how formal or informal the wedding may be. It doesn’t hurt to ask, or if its an outdoor garden wedding or formal eve. church wedding. If it does not say “Black tie” on the invitation, it’s a safe bet to wear a dark suit and tie. I hope this helps!